19"/48.3 cm Channel Kit For Spanning Studs

Spanning 37

19″/48.3 cm Channel Kit For Spanning Studs


Product Details

When adequate backing or ideal stud locations are not present, these spanning rails can be attached to existing studs. The channel can be positioned at any location along the rails.

  • Includes 26"/66 cm spanning rails
  • Includes 21"/53.3 cm spanning rail covers (field cut to desired length)
  • Maximum load: 40 lbs/18.1 kg
  • OSHPD Pre-Approval OPM-0163-13
Wall Channel Selection Guidelines
Surface Mount Channel Kits for Spanning Studs (MKT-0001-11)
Installation Instructions
Surface Mount 19” Channel Kit Instructions (DU-WC-0002-29)
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